Member Responsibilities

Sorority membership means commitment. When you join, you will make a promise to uphold your sorority’s standards and to support your sisters. Two other obligations of members are time and money.

In addition to the time commitment to your studies, you will be expected to attend chapter meetings and other sorority events. Your attendance is required at some of these meetings and events.

You also have a financial obligation to pay your sorority expenses. All sororities have fees and those amounts vary from chapter to chapter. Examples of expenditures are one-time fees for new members, badges, and national enrollment. Other variable fees include dues, housing, and meals. The details regarding your financial commitment will be listed prior to your final decision to become a member.

Sororities strive to make membership as affordable as possible. Many sorority women hold jobs, receive financial aid or earn scholarships. There are also programs and scholarships for those who need assistance with membership.