Greater Oklahoma City Alumnae Panhellenic
Woman of the Year 1965-1996

Begun in 1965, the competition to be the Woman of the Year was fierce. Each sorority submitted its best candidate who detailed community and sorority accomplishments. To be the Woman of the Year representing all the wonderful, talented women of the member alumnae sororities was a tremendous honor.


1965 Mrs. Mex Frates
Miss Anna Maude Smith
Mrs. Fred Zahn
1966 Mrs. Merle Newby Buttram ΚΑΘ
1967 Mrs. Virginia Hood ΚΑΘ
1968 Mrs. Gertrude Kennedy ΑΓΔ
1969 Mrs. Charles Rountree ΑΦ
1970 Mrs. William R. Robins ΚΔ
1971 Mrs. Linnie Sheets Dyche ΧΩ
1972 Mrs. Irene Barbour ΑΞΔ
1973 Mrs. E.T.G. Harrison ΚΔ
1974 Mrs. W. M Avery ΔΓ
1975 Mrs. Julia Clapp
Mrs. Mary Ann French
1976 Mrs. Linda Steele ΑΔΠ
1977 Mrs. Winnie Hawkins ΓΦΒ
1978 Mrs. Mary Sue Brown ΧΩ
1979 Mrs. Jane Lee ΔΔΔ
1980 Mrs. Jose Freede ΑΓΔ
1981 Mrs. Thomas E. Graham ΠΒΦ
1982 Mrs. Charlotte Virginia Leach ΑΦ
1983 Mrs. Barbara Thompson ΧΩ
1984 Mrs. Beverly Thompson ΔΔΔ
1985 Mrs. Gwen Zwick ΑΓΔ
1986 Mrs. Linda Rosser ΚΑΘ
1987 Mrs. Dorothy Miller (First President of Panhellenic, 1935-36, as Mrs.Dale Collins) ΧΩ
1988 Mrs. Joanne Orr ΑΔΠ
1989 Mrs. Althea Ripley ΚΔ
1990 Justice Yvonne Kauger ΔΖ
1991 Mrs. Freida Frost ΦΜ
1992 Mrs. Sandra Malone ΚΑΘ
1993 Mrs. Clarice Morrison ΓΦΒ
1994 Mrs. Sue McCoy ΑΓΔ
1995 Mrs. Deanna Pendleton ΔΖ
1996 Mrs. Carolyn Demaree ΑΔΠ